What is Wind.Ninja all about?

Weather is an inherently changeable phenomenon, and forecasts are generally only reliable out to a week. So why book your kitesurf vacation weeks or months in advance and roll the dice? This is the problem I was having, so I built Wind.Ninja to solve it. Instead of booking a whole trip, I just plan what dates I want to go and then wait until a day or two before to chose where I'm going to go kite. Sure, its a bit riskier that you'll not be able to get a flight or a hotel but at least you'll have a higher chance of good wind.

The fundamental idea behind Wind.Ninja is that you will be traveling by air to somewhere for kitesurfing. I've built a database of spot locations, which are linked to the nearest airport. The database also contains global flight route information which we can use to filter potential spots and limit them to places that are within an acceptable travel distance. You can configure the search to limit based on flight duration and # of hops. Eventually I hope to build out other ways of finding spots such as a map or within a certain radius from where you are located.

Keep in mind that these are still forecasts and are not guaranteed in any way, shape, or form. This is just one tool to use out of the many tools out there. Many of the spots are pulled from conversations with other kiters, google searches, etc. They may not be entirely accurate, the beach may be unkiteable, kitesurfing may even be banned. Please do your research before booking a trip based on this site. I hope you find this site helpful, but ultimately I am not responsible for your trip.

If you enjoy this site, have questions or comments, or would like to suggest a spot please let me know. Easiest way to reach me would be via email or Instagram. The spots database is a work in progress, and while there is decent global coverage, there are still quite a few spots missing. If you're someone who is intimately familiar with all the kite spots in a certain region, please let me know. I'd love to chat with you and get some good local knowledge.

Good winds and happy kiting,
Zach Hoeken