Paris, France (CDG) Outgoing Routes

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Airport Route Duration
Naples, Italy (NAP) view 2:10
St. Petersburg, Russia (LED) view 2:10
Constantine, Algeria (CZL) view 2:15
Dubrovnik, Croatia (DBV) view 2:15
Malaga, Spain (AGP) view 2:20
Belgrade, Serbia (BEG) view 2:20
Podgorica, Montenegro (TGD) view 2:20
Stockholm, Sweden (ARN) view 2:25
Sevilla, Spain (SVQ) view 2:25
Oran, Algeria (ORN) view 2:25
Tivat, Montenegro (TIV) view 2:25
Granada, Spain (GRX) view 2:25
Istanbul, Turkey (IST) view 2:25
Lisbon, Portugal (LIS) view 2:30
Guemar, Algeria (ELU) view 2:30
Istanbul, Turkey (SAW) view 2:30
Marrakech, Morocco (RAK) view 2:30
Amman, Jordan (AMM) view 2:35
Biskra, Algeria (BSK) view 2:35
Moscow, Russia (SVO) view 2:35
Chlef, Algeria (CFK) view 2:35
Catania, Italy (CTA) view 2:35
Vilnius, Lithuania (VNO) view 2:35
Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF) view 2:40
Kerkyra/corfu, Greece (CFU) view 2:40