Coldest Airports

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# Airport Air Wind Wave Period Sea Rain Cloud
1 Rankin Inlet, Canada (YRT) -43C 12kts 0.3m 3.6s -2C 3mm 25%
2 Baker Lake, Canada (YBK) -42C 8kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 6mm 35%
3 Chesterfield Inlet, Canada (YCS) -41C 13kts 0.3m 1.5s -2C 5mm 17%
4 Whale Cove, Canada (YXN) -41C 13kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 2mm 28%
5 Eskimo Point, Canada (YEK) -40C 12kts 0.2m 2.1s -2C 3mm 39%
6 Saskylakh, Russia (SYS) -39C 9kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 6mm 41%
7 Gjoa Haven, Canada (YHK) -39C 9kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 37mm 73%
8 Repulse Bay, Canada (YUT) -38C 11kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 53mm 61%
9 Hall Beach, Canada (YUX) -37C 9kts 0.4m 0.5s -2C 22mm 61%
10 Cambridge Bay, Canada (YCB) -37C 9kts 0.2m 0.5s -1C 20mm 63%
11 Pelly Bay, Canada (YBB) -37C 6kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 23mm 71%
12 Igloolik, Canada (YGT) -36C 8kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 11mm 59%
13 Khatanga, Russia (HTG) -35C 11kts 0.3m 0.4s -2C 72mm 94%
14 Resolute, Canada (YRB) -34C 5kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 21mm 77%
15 Spence Bay, Canada (YYH) -34C 5kts 0.3m 0.6s -2C 27mm 65%
16 Olenyok, Russia (ONK) -33C 7kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 57mm 63%
17 Arctic Bay, Canada (YAB) -33C 4kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 3mm 57%
18 Tadoule Lake, Canada (XTL) -32C 8kts 0.3m 0.6s 0C 62mm 61%
19 Wekweeti, Canada (YFJ) -32C 9kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 6mm 77%
20 Zhigansk, Russia (ZIX) -32C 8kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 28mm 68%
21 Clyde River, Canada (YCY) -32C 7kts 0.2m 0.6s -2C 3mm 50%
22 Tuktoyaktuk, Canada (YUB) -32C 7kts 0.3m 0.3s -1C 7mm 54%
23 Grise Fiord, Canada (YGZ) -32C 3kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 19mm 59%
24 Pond Inlet, Canada (YIO) -32C 2kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 3mm 30%
25 Churchill, Canada (YYQ) -32C 12kts 0.3m 0.6s 0C 36mm 73%
26 Siorapaluk, Greenland (SRK) -32C 5kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 47mm 37%
27 Qaanaaq, Greenland (NAQ) -31C 5kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 36mm 48%
28 Ust-Kuyga, Russia (UKG) -31C 4kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 29mm 21%
29 Lac Brochet, Canada (XLB) -31C 8kts 0.3m 0.6s 0C 151mm 71%
30 Coppermine, Canada (YCO) -31C 7kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 14mm 47%
31 Batagay-Alyta, Russia (SUK) -31C 3kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 10mm 16%
32 Old Crow, Canada (YOC) -31C 7kts 0.3m 0.4s -2C 119mm 48%
33 Nuiqsut, United States (NUI) -31C 7kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 9mm 38%
34 Sachs Harbour, Canada (YSY) -31C 9kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 74mm 78%
35 Holman Island, Canada (YHI) -31C 9kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 70mm 50%
36 Nuussuaq, Greenland (NSQ) -30C 12kts 0.6m 3.5s -2C 8mm 57%
37 Kullorsuaq, Greenland (KHQ) -30C 8kts 0.6m 3.5s -2C 6mm 45%
38 Yakutia, Russia (PYJ) -30C 7kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 88mm 78%
39 Tiksi, Russia (IKS) -30C 10kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 27mm 67%
40 Deadhorse, United States (SCC) -29C 8kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 9mm 49%
41 Inuvik, Canada (YEV) -29C 7kts 0.3m 0.3s -1C 6mm 44%
42 Arctic Village, United States (ARC) -29C 6kts 0.3m 0.4s -2C 9mm 37%
43 Broughton Island, Canada (YVM) -29C 10kts 0.3m 0.6s -2C 9mm 68%
44 Norilsk, Russia (NSK) -29C 10kts 0.3m 0.6s -1C 266mm 91%
45 Savissivik, Greenland (SVR) -29C 4kts 0.3m 0.5s -2C 15mm 39%
46 Beaver, United States (WBQ) -28C 11kts 0.3m 0.5s -1C 194mm 55%
47 Fort Yukon, United States (FYU) -28C 9kts 0.3m 0.4s -2C 166mm 53%
48 Igarka, Russia (IAA) -28C 11kts 0.3m 0.6s -1C 314mm 83%
49 Brochet, Canada (YBT) -28C 9kts 0.3m 0.6s 0C 173mm 71%
50 Paulatuk, Canada (YPC) -28C 6kts 0.1m 1.7s -1C 31mm 61%